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Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Automatic Watch Winder

Watch winder or rotating watch box is a device whose purpose is to keep your automatic mechanical watch running and ticking. While able to give your watch some forms of maintenance, watch winder need some kind of maintenance as well. Read this article below to find out how to maintain your watch winder. 

Keep it Clean

Like your precious watch collection, a watch winder will require some cleaning as well. You can clean your rotating watch box by wiping it with a moistened paper tower. However, if you own a watch winder box that is made of wood, don’t wipe it with wet tissue. This is due to the alcohol substance contained in the tissue could potentially damage the outer coat of your wooden watch winder. Therefore, making it exposed to weather and chemical damage.

Moreover, if you find out that your self rotating watch box is dusty on the inside, start cleaning it by removing all of your watch from the slot in order to make it easier to clean.

Check for Wear and Tear

It is common to see a little tear in the cushion part of your winder. Different watch winder brands use different material for their cushion, such as leather, or fabric. Although it is rare to see such a problem on a high-end rotating watch box brand, this small problem still could potentially happen especially if you always put and remove your watch in the watch winder slot. So, If you see that your watch winder cushion has worn out, bring it to an experienced repair shop in order to give it a new cushion layer. 

Give it Sometime to Rest

You also have to be aware of some wear on the mechanical part of your winder. For example, if your watch winder is not spinning smoothly, this could happen due to a loose drive belt or worn out motor. If that happens, start to look for new replacement parts in some online marketplace or hardware stores. If you’re unable to do it by yourself, bring it to an experienced repair service.

These mechanical problems might happen due to the constant long-term use of a rotating watch box. So, in order to prevent those problems happening, give your watch winder sometime to rest. 

In conclusion, while it might seem simple to do, some watch owners usually pay less attention to the maintenance of a watch winder. If you’re one of those kinds of owners, begin the maintenance of your watch winder right now. Keeping your watch winder maintained means that you will encounter less problems on your watch winder later.

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